Ladies Morning Bootcamp with Verity

So winters drawing in and it's that time of year where the healthy eating and exercise gets pushed aside and your baggy clothes get put on to hide away. But fast forward just a little to the festive season and you have parties to go to and you've put the weight back on you lost for summer and you don't feel confident enough to wear that nice dress for your Christmas party, So you either don't go or you wear something to cover up!!!!! Life is WAY to short for that rubbish, BREAK THE WINTER BODY CYCLE NOW!!!!! My next 12 week bootcamp starts Monday 25th September and finishes Friday 15th December, Enough time to build your confidence up and get your body looking fab for all your Christm

Easy ways to make calorie counting a breeze..

Calorie counting should be making your life easier, not harder. Try out some of these easy steps if you are finding it a little harder than it should. Start with how you eat. Start by making a diary of how and what you are eating per day. That's your starting point for amending and progressing. Use an app MyFitnessPal is the most up to date calorie calculator app for you. It also consists of activity tracking too. This helps with input and output of calories. Log everything and be honest Identify your faults and flaws Getting to grips with how much you actually consume and consume when you have "cheat meals" is usually where people fail. It's so easy to over consume but you ar

The Prep Life of NABBA Miss Britain

When I'm getting ready for shows my day starts early, usually up about 5am then straight to the gym for fasted cardio. I've always done my cardio on the stairmaster, it's evil but does the job so i use it everyday. I usually start on 30 mins on a morning and then 30 mins again on a night after my weight session, The length of time I do cardio for can increase and decrease throughout my prep depending on how I look. I also used HIIT on the bike during my first prep just for one of my cardio sessions a day, which if done properly is really good for helping shift stubborn fat on legs. I do it by going at a reasonable pace, medium resistance, then on every even minute, stand up, knock the r

September Ebor Fitness Gym Challenge

This Months Ebor Fitness Gym Challenge is The 1 Rep Max Squat Time to put your squat to the test this month as we test our gym members to see who has the heaviest squat at Ebor Fitness in York. RULES: *The heaviest squat wins *The squat must be 90' *No half rep *Belts and Knee wraps are ok *Use as many warm-ups as needed *The heaviest full rep will be your score *Staff member must be present to verify Our overall winner will receive a 5kg lean fresh meat pack kindly donated by Malcolm Michaels Quality Butchers Ltd who are based in Leeds City Centre Market. Congratulations to our August challenge winner Isaac Marin-Andrew who held a plank for 5 minutes 23 seconds with the longest time.

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