The Prep Life of NABBA Miss Britain

When I'm getting ready for shows my day starts early, usually up about 5am then straight to the gym for fasted cardio. I've always done my cardio on the stairmaster, it's evil but does the job so i use it everyday. I usually start on 30 mins on a morning and then 30 mins again on a night after my weight session, The length of time I do cardio for can increase and decrease throughout my prep depending on how I look. I also used HIIT on the bike during my first prep just for one of my cardio sessions a day, which if done properly is really good for helping shift stubborn fat on legs. I do it by going at a reasonable pace, medium resistance, then on every even minute, stand up, knock the resistance up high and go as fast as i can for 30 seconds, 30 mins altogether. It burns like mad but like I said, great for shifting fat from legs, Which was my problem area during my first prep.

When it comes to my weight session I only train, * Back (little bit of biceps and triceps at the end) * Shoulders * And legs (one of my 2 legs sessions a week I just concentrate on my glutes).

I train 6 days a week, Sunday is usually my rest day at the start but if I need to do extra because I'm behind during prep, then it will be 7 days a week. There's not a body part I like or dislike training the most really, I think I get most satisfaction after training legs though, I like to train hard, and love the feeling once you've had a great session.