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Easy ways to make calorie counting a breeze..

Calorie counting should be making your life easier, not harder. Try out some of these easy steps if you are finding it a little harder than it should. Start with how you eat. Start by making a diary of how and what you are eating per day. That's your starting point for amending and progressing. Use an app MyFitnessPal is the most up to date calorie calculator app for you. It also consists of activity tracking too. This helps with input and output of calories. Log everything and be honest Identify your faults and flaws Getting to grips with how much you actually consume and consume when you have "cheat meals" is usually where people fail. It's so easy to over consume but you are only human. Just keep to your diary or log and map out and track your cheats and treats. Establish your baseline, then amend. After finding out your baseline intake, if you feel satisfied and full yet are still seeing the changes in your body you require. Then you are pretty much right where you should be. From there you can amend accordingly to progress. You can change around portion size, calories deficit or simply change in food types. Build a few core meals Trying to figure different food sources and meals choices per day can be extremely time consuming. Try sticking to some essential meals that are easy to track and prep. This doesn't mean you have to continually eat the same things day in day out. But keeping similar ingredients make this easy to track with your logging or in your diary. Don't just focus on calories. Weight loss has a lot to do with calories, but there are other significant factors to take on board. For example look at your Fibre and water intake, these also play a big part in how full you are whilst eating. Finish the job and move on. Don't try to become obsessive with weighing and measuring foods. Once you have tracked and got into the routine of prepping food. You now have a template from which you have built up. Use your template. Then build upon then and adapt as your body changes.

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