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Reasons Runners should try strength training.

Here's looking at all you cardio queens!!!

Runners are famous for avoiding weight or resistance training due to the knowledge that they believe that lifting will make them bigger and sluggish. Here's an insight to how different types of strength and resistance training can benefit runners significantly. Knock seconds off your time! Plyometric or explosive resistance training has been proven to help significantly improve your strength for distance running. Helping to boost your finishing time over shorter long distance runs i.e. 5k Try out Dumbbell jump Squats, or even box jumps. Or simply just standing jump Squats. Going the distance. Help you race smoother and longer. Strength training can help improve stamina and endurance too. Standard back squats can help improve your overall core stability and leg strength. Helping to prevent injuries It's not rocket science, stronger muscles and joints drastically reduce the risk and severity of injuries. The stronger your body, there is less impact on joints and muscles and therefore lesser the likelihood of injuries or strains. So if you are guilty of neglecting the weights room due to the myth of slowing yourself down, then why not try out some resistance work to help improve your personal bests

Happy weight lifting

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