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February's Ebor Fitness Gym Challenge

This month we are challenging our Ebor Fitness members in York to how many Clean & Presses you can do in only 2 minutes.

Here's how to do the perfect Clean and Press

Assume a shoulder-width stance, with knees inside the arms. Now while keeping the back flat, bend at the knees and hips so that you can grab the bar with the arms fully extended and a pronated grip that is slightly wider than shoulder width. Point the elbows out to sides. The bar should be close to the shins. Position the shoulders over or slightly ahead of the bar. Establish a flat back posture. This will be your starting position.

Begin to pull the bar by extending the knees. Move your hips forward and raise the shoulders at the same rate while keeping the angle of the back constant; continue to lift the bar straight up while keeping it close to your body.

As the bar passes the knee, extend at the ankles, knees, and hips forcefully, similar to a jumping motion. As you do so, continue to guide the bar with your hands, shrugging your shoulders and using the momentum from your movement to pull the bar as high as possible. The bar should travel close to your body, and you should keep your elbows out.

At maximum elevation, your feet should clear the floor and you should start to pull yourself under the bar. The mechanics of this could change slightly, depending on the weight used. You should descend into a squatting position as you pull yourself under the bar.

As the bar hits terminal height, rotate your elbows around and under the bar. Rack the bar across the front of the shoulders while keeping the torso erect and flexing the hips and knees to absorb the weight of the bar.

Stand to full height, holding the bar in the clean position.

Without moving your feet, press the bar overhead as you exhale. Lower the bar under control.


* You must do full range repetitions

*Plates must touch the platform, into a squat, arms fully locked out above your head to count as a full rep. * You only get one attempt within the month

*2 Minute time cap. * Weights are 30kg for Woman and 40kg for Men * Member of staff must be present to verify your score

*The most reps completed within 2 minutes will win

Our overall winner will receive a 5kg lean meat pack kindly donated by Malcolm Michaels Quality Butchers Ltd who are based in Leeds City Centre Market.

Give their Facebook page a like so you don't miss out on unbeatable deals

Congratulations to our January gym challenge winner Rosie Howard who checked into Ebor Fitness in York the most throughout the month of Jan with excellent motivational videos an pictures to show her progress. Well done Missy, you have a juicy 5kg meat pack coming your way to fuel your future workouts.

I have to say a massive well done to everyone else who posted video's and pictures on Instagram at Ebor, you all killed it and it was a very close call between you all.

Not only that, you all out did yourselves and totally put our other gym members in Leeds to shame at Leodis Gym..... Shame on you all members of Leeds lol.

So York members have beat our Leeds members this month and Leodis Gym really need to up their game. I think it's only right that not only do we have a monthly gym challenge between our members but that we have a double whammy and make it a 'GYM OFF' between Ebor Fitness and Leodis Gym in Leeds so no pressure but which gym and city is better, stronger and fitter!!!!!

The check in challenge may be over but we love seeing the progress of our members so keep the videos and pictures coming, and we will give you a shout out!

Good Luck to all of Ebor Fitness members this month

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