Very limited 1 on 1 personal training and coaching is available with me on certain days at Ebor Fitness. I’m the co-owner of Ebor Fitness and a winner of the Mr Universe, Mr World and Mr Britain bodybuilding titles.


My programmes get results, it’s as simple as that, they are not just for elite athletes they are for anyone with the right attitude and the right work ethic as I do only work with clients that I feel are really ready to change and prepared to fully commit to my programmes.


Call me on: 07565 566556

AMY oxberry

I’m a personal trainer here at Ebor 

I’m passionate about working with women who want to look and feel better about themselves through diet & exercise.

What we eat and how we move affects so much more than our Physical Health, it has a huge impact on mental health aswell.

Eating better quality food and moving regularly can improve your mental health no end.

My speciality is Weight Training. I believe weight training for women has so many benefits to weight loss, gaining strength, gaining confidence in and out the gym and also looking amazing!

For information on how to book a personal training session or to join my transformation programme please get in contact 

Call me on: 07885 425883


TOM Swanton

I focus primarily on transformations on an individual basis or in some cases small groups. I am 100% dedicated in tailoring unique and specific plans to all my clients based on their lifestyles and goals.


Having acquired a wealth of knowledge in various fields such as nutrition, muscle building and fat loss I have the perfect tools to help you reach your goal regardless of your demographic.


My main motivation lies with unlocking and maximising potential in people to produce a result they never thought was possible; to make them the best possible version on themselves.


You can apply for a space on my programmes.




Call me on: 07769201013


I’m highly motivated and knowledgeable personal trainer. Former professional and international rugby league player with over 20 years experience in training to achieve my own goals. 


I specialise in body transformation, weight loss and sports specific training and with the wealth of knowledge I hold clients will achieve the best results. 


I get job satisfaction from seeing my clients achieve their goals and watching their confidence grow. 


For more information on what I can offer you please get in touch with me. 

Email me:

Call me on: 07979603952

Aaron vardnell

I specialise in powerlifting which is something I am very passionate about.


I can provide expert knowledge and training techniques to support you. Other areas I have developed in are strength and conditioning, muscle gain, weight loss and  Strong Man.

Any health and fitness goals that you might have I will be able to tailor these needs to your training and nutritional programmes, this will help you achieve the best results.

To kickstart your journey contact me, details below.

Email me:


Call me: 07702520903

jak church

I’m a highly disciplined and knowledgeable personal trainer. With many years experience training in a gym and following a diet suited to my needs. Whatever the goal was, weight loss or muscle building the principles remain the same, train hard, eat well and sleep well. 


I specialise in muscle building and fat loss by offering tailored packages. These include diet and training plans which are simple yet effective and used by the best. 


I get a real sense of achievement seeing people improve not only physically but mentally. 


For any more information on the services I have to offer please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Call me on: 07544743256

Insta me: @j.lifts16

kay shillabeer

I specialise in female fitness, weight loss and improving self confidence and well being through exercise and nutrition.
All go hand in hand, a healthy fit body and mind = a sense of achievement and pride in yourself!

We are all stronger than we believe, definitely worth it and deserve to feel good about ourselves regardless of what life throws at us!

I keep it real and achievable, am highly motivated and very passionate about helping ladies achieve their goals and improving mindset and self worth.

I have a wealth of knowledge in fitness and nutrition from my previous bodybuilding days. A former Miss Britain, England, UK, Miss World runner up figure champion with over 10yrs PT experience also.

I am offering 1 to1 sessions and also 8wk and 12wk transformation packages for ladies who want to make it happen,lets shock everyone with kms fitness "together we can do this!"

Discounts for block bookings and limited spaces available on Transformation packages, message me for more details.

T: 07389707014