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Welcome to the EBor fitness virtual personal trainer

For the price of a single personal training session you can now download a workout programme that comes with an instructional video so you can see exactly how the exercise should be performed and to make sure you get your form right.

We will be adding different programmes into the Virtual Personal Trainer so you can keep progressing and making your workouts tougher and more relevant to your individual goals.

All the programmes are filmed in Ebor Fitness by our trainers so this will be the exact kit you use when you are working out,.


Nothing can compare to the amazing results you will get from working 1-1 with one of our world class trainers but the Virtual Personal Trainer is a close second for those on a budget who still want to see results and want a structured plan when they are in the gym

The Basics - 8 Week PROGRAMME

This is the perfect starter programme if you have never been in a gym before or if you have not been in a while and need to kick start your training routine.

This programme gives you 3 different full body workouts designed to build your strength and get you used to lifting weights . This will provide you will solid foundations and the perfect platform for you to progress to another programme after 8 weeks that is more specific to your goals.

Do not walk into the gym without a plan . This is exactly where you need to start

To purchase this programme please click 'Buy Now" button below

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