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January Ebor Fitness Gym Challenge

Check In for Chicken

This month we are challenging our Ebor Fitness members in York to check in every time your training down at Ebor this month whether it's via Facebok, Instagram or Twitter, or all of our social media sites for extra bonus points.

Whoever checks in the most throughout the Month of January will win this month's gym challenge

We wanna know WHEN your in training, WHAT your training and WHO your training with.

So get checking in and tagging people.

Who's gonna shout the loudest about training at Ebor Fitness this month???

Each individual social media check in will count as one point, so for example If you check in on Facebook, Insta and Twitter for the same workout you will receive 3 points.

So check in everywhere, every time, with everyone, everyday.

The winner with the most check in's this month will receive a 5kg lean meat pack kindly donated by Malcolm Michaels Quality Butchers Ltd who are based in Leeds City Centre Market.

Give their Facebook page a like so you don't miss out on unbeatable deals

Congratulations to our December gym challenge winner David Warner who completed 433 kettlebell goblet squats over 20 days leading up until Christmas in our advent calendar gym challenge. Awesome effort David, Well done!

Good Luck to all of Ebor Fitness members this month

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